Ground Transportation

Ground Transportation

Agile and effective for local pickups and deliveries, in combined modes: train and truck, or truck only with dedicated services for sensitive or refrigerated products.


Storage and Distribution

  • Own warehouses.
  • Temperature-controlled warehouses.
  • Labeling
  • Load consolidation.
  • Crossdocking: Warehouses equipped for direct loading/unloading.


Factors such as humidity, light, and temperature changes can seriously affect the properties of wines, which is why we use the highest quality additional packaging materials, helping to protect your liquids at all times during their transportation and ensuring they arrive in perfect condition at their destination:

  • Thermal blanket
  • Thermal panel
  • Thermal coating
  • Paper airbag and raffia airbag
  • Moisture absorbers
  • Electronic temperature recorder
  • Specialized vertical division. We use special materials to take care of your merchandise at all times during its transportation (blankets, insulators, thermal coatings, electronic temperature recorders, and moisture absorbers). We provide special cargo insurance for alcoholic beverages.

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